Brioche Dulce Canela con Café


  • Cinnamon Brioche Twist (Ref. 48052)
  • Coffee
  • Cinnamon Sticks (Optional)


Brioche Dulce Canela con Cafe, or Sweet Cinnamon Brioche with Coffee, is our homage to the classic Pan Dulce con Café.
While not as much of a recipe, this set-up gives you the start of a beautiful breakfast.
If you make your coffee in a pot, you can crack a cinnamon stick in there to steep for an infusion of flavor.
Cinnamon powder is hydrophobic, so it tends to clump at the top rather than mix into the drink.

Our version of Pan Dulce con Café (Sweet Bread with Coffee) is a simple yet dazzling combo; the rich, sweet brioche and the bitter, acidic coffee balance each other out perfectly!