Rustica Extra Fresh: Onion & Poppy Rolls


  • Onion Poppy Rustica Ciabatta Rolls
  • Red Onion
  • Poppy Seeds
  • Parmesan Cheese


The dried onions that coat these rolls bring a savory flavor with mellow sweetness. But if you add fresh red onion too, you get a potent flavor that bites back! The roll itself mellows it out, leaving you the perfect balance of the onion's acidity and flavor. If you'd like, you can even caramelize the red onions to minimize the sharpness of it and bring it some true sweetness. And don't forget the poppy seeds! That bit of nuttiness brings more than you realize, and the seeds themselves add texture to each bite.

You can use these rolls for whatever you like, but if you're keeping it simple then we recommend sprinkling on some parmesan cheese. The tangy & salty combo makes the rest of the roll's flavor absolutely pop! Plus, let's be real: if somebody asked if you wanted some cheesy bread with grilled onions, wouldn't you say yes?